Want to know more about the girl behind A Building Panic ???
If you see that we have alot on commun,please don't hesit to e-mail me,I love talking and receive emails!
Well,I am going to be shorter,ok?

Personal Infos

Age:15 year old
Nicknames:Ash,Ashley Judd
I love at most:My Cat,My friends,
My 203 movies tickets collection,Leo


Favorite colors:Blue & Green

Favorite Animals:Cat & Horse

Favorite Movies:Titanic,The Beach,Down To You,10 things I Hate About You,
Cruel Intentions,The Sixth Sense,The Green Mile,...

Favorite Actors:Leo DiCaprio,Ryan Phillippe,Freddy Prinze Jr,
Joshua Jackson,James Van Der Beek,Bruce Willis...

Favorite Actress:Julia Stiles,Kate Winslet,
Sarah Michell Gellar,Virginie Ledoyen...

Favorite TV shows:Dawson's Creek,Buffy The Vampire Slayer,
The Simpsons,Entertainment Tonight (ET),Access Hollywood...

Favorite CD:The Beach soundtrack,The Cruel Intentions sountrack,
The 10 Things Soundtrack, Green Day,Titanic...
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